Where are the jobs? – Secrets of the Australian job market

Most people spend a lot of time looking at online recruitment sites and newspapers looking for jobs, but if around 70% of jobs are not advertised, shouldn’t we spend more time on the hidden job market to access more opportunities?

How the advertised job market works:-

  • Reactive – You wait for an advertisement before sending your response
  • Employer uses specific job criteria to filter out a high volume of applications (employers can receive 50 to 5000 job applications for one position)
  • Everyone knows about the job, so now you have competition.
  • Human Resources needs to quickly filter and delete applications that do not meet all criteria for more go right here. (in some cases a computer will search for keywords to eliminate applicants that do not meet criteria)
  • Your Resumé needs to be tailored and your skills need to clearly match the criteria in the advertisement, otherwise, you will be filtered out and deleted.
  • Local experience is a common filter used in Australia. In some cases ‘local’ may mean the state you are living in such as Perth or Melbourne for example.
  • Very labour and Human Resources departments, check thatscleanmaids.com.
  • Limited ‘real’ knowledge about the job. (If you don’t already work there or know someone who does, how do you know what the reality of that job will be? Online research can only give you the basics) and need some help with your finance.

Just think how much time you have to read all the emails you get. Human Resources are in the same position if you don’t show exactly how you match the job in your email content, cover letter, and Resumé they won’t read it!

How the hidden job market works:- 

  • Via word of mouth (Who do you know…..and who knows you?)
  • Reputation. (What’s your brand?  What skills and attributes are you known for?)
  • Get to know, and be known by, employers before you have competition.
  • Proactive – it’s all about how you can help others, especially in your industry.
  • Interact with people in your target industry or field (not just the Human Resources department)
  • Best way to get the ‘real’ facts about a job or company via discussion and information interviews of those in your target industry or company.
  • Find out about future opportunities before they are advertised.
  • Best option to create opportunities for work – discover problems that you can solve.
  • Be helpful, be useful, be seen.

Success in the Hidden Job Market is all about Networking. In Australia, networking has a social and helping focus, compared to other countries. Good networkers are known for thinking of others, offering instead of taking, finding solutions for others, and creating links between people. Check swipe n clean.  For example, a good networker may hear about an innovative fintech start-up such as Fully-Verified. They tell about it to his or hers friends from the web design industry, who in turn spread the word to back-end programmers, who also happen to know other fellas who are good with numbers and finances and so it goes. In essence, it’s not just about finding opportunities for yourself but building a positive reputation that will benefit for the investment.

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