Career Development was created to provide solutions to skilled migrants and international students who are having difficulties gaining employment in Australia.

Even though we are based in Australia, we can offer Skype, phone and email assistance to people anywhere.

We also have an ongoing commitment to providing a range of articles and resources to help with common questions and issues people face when looking for work in Australia.

Kim Shaw, founder and qualified career counsellor, shares her substantial knowledge of Australian recruitment practices with the additional expertise in mining and resources, accounting, and finance based on her previous experience in these industries.

Kim Shaw has been helping people manage their careers successfully for over 10 years within a range of organisations including community, state government, university, corporate, and her own business.

In addition to being a fully qualified and accredited Career Counsellor with a Masters Degree in Career Development, Kim has accumulated a wealth of ‘real life’ knowledge from her previous experience in the accounting field with a range of mining and resource companies and in the finance industry.

Her clients have included executives, migrants, refugees, international students, adults in career change, Indigenous, youth, individuals with disabilities or severe injury, and mental health.

Current Professional memberships include the Career Development Association of Australia, and the National Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services.

During this varied experience, Kim noted the issues faced by people, particularly new migrants and international students, seeking work and the lack of specialised career and job search coaching services available to these groups.

Kim created Career Potential Australia in 2013 to help close the gap between the great skills coming into the country and the employers seeking to fill skilled roles.

“I believe that, with the right skills and help, everyone can reach their full potential, anywhere.”