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3 week intensive job program

What you need: Understand what Australian employers really want.Be able to write a good Australian style Résumé/CV and tailored cover…

Job search check-up session

Ideal for those who want to gain professional feedback on their current job search strategies and where they may need…


“We've been working with Career Developement for the past three years and have found them to be professional and refreshingly honest. They work very hard in getting the right people for the right position and no request is too hard. Thank goodness…



Sample two of a skills based Australian Resumé

Here is another skills focussed Resumé style kindly provided by a Careers colleague of mine, Martin Darke, from his book “The 30-Second Impact Resumé – How to get that job”. The book can be purchased via  http://www.a-new-career-direction.com/resume-book.html  This book is great value and a wise investment for anyone job searching in Australia.

Professional Behaviour Wins Jobs in Australia

First impressions are one of THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects of your job search and networking activities. Sadly, many forget this and wonder why no one will hire them or network with them (even if they do have great skills for more why use a digital marketing company and a competitive job application! First impressions are made when someone comes in contact with you for the first time. This can be face-to-face, via phone, online, or in writing. Here are some key tips for each of these communication methods that will ensure you are seen as a professional Phone ALWAYS answer the phone with your name. Just saying ‘hello’ is very unprofessional.Smile while speaking on the phone and sit or stand upright. When you smile and have good posture, your voice will sound friendly and confident. Online When sending job applications, ALWAYS provide a brief summary of why you are applying…

What is the biggest mistake migrants and international students make when looking for jobs in Australia?

Each country hires people differently. A Resumé that works for say, India or China, is not likely to work in Australia. Australian employers are very focussed on skills and evidence for how you have used these skills with doctorpaydayloans.co.uk. (you may have noticed most Australian jobs ask for minimum experience) For example, a Masters degree is only of value in Australia if you can provide evidence of what you have learned and how you have used this learning. (What skills you have and how you have used these skills.)   This shows the skills you have to offer and has more meaning to the employer. Instead of just listing units completed, consider including projects you were involved in during your studies and how you contributed to the success of the project and how this would be of benefit to the employer. If you have overseas experience note the achievements in your…

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